Monday, January 7, 2013

Project Trug

I spend a lot of time around here discussing oranization, but my first love is really decorating.  So I decided to start my month of small projects by adding in some "new" decor.  

Just before the holidays my husband brought this little beauty through the house on his way from the garage to his basement shop.  Luckily he put it down for a second and I was able to swipe it.

According to Cathe Holden this guy is called a trug.  I love him.  And when I showed him to my friend Kristin and she screamed I knew I had scored.

As you can see, he has 10 compartments.  I chose pine, twigs and balls of wool - 3 items which I repeated 3 times each.  Then in the 10th spot I put a candle (which is battery operated so as not to burn my house down).

He lives on the sofa table behind my love seat now.

And I love him.

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