Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birthday Gifts

 Check out my fab new housewares!

The incredible and greatly desired Ikea kitchen cart.

 The lovely Ikea fern (pre fluffing).

And an assortment of other delightful items!

I first saw the kitchen cart in House Beautiful during the summer.  I think they featured it in their "The Best" column.  And as it happened, I was reading the magazine in Minneapolis, so we ran to Ikea to get the cart...but it was sold out.  
When Ikea opened here it was the first thing I saw at the top of the escalator on opening day.  But somehow shopping at Ikea now that it is in Winnipeg is not quite as fun as it was in other cities.  There is more of a budget to stick to since you aren't worried that you may not be back for a year or so.  So anyway, I waited.  
In the meantime the cart was featured in Style at Home as a bar cart.

The bar carts on this page range in price from my $70 Ikea steal to $2,745.  Betcha can't guess which one cost the most.

I am not sure what I'll use it for yet.  It could just go so many places!  Living room side table, office organizer, kids' room toy storage or, you know, it could actually go in the kitchen too.  
I'll keep you posted.

And here's a peek at what regularly happens at my house during blog post photo shoots.

Stay warm everyone!!!!

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