Friday, January 25, 2013

Project Easy Inspiration

I like to have verses and little sayings around but I want to be able to switch them out easily, otherwise I find that I begin to stop noticing them after awhile.  Chalkboards are a great way to accomplish this, or, framed prints.

I was just popping a print into a frame for a friend the other day and remembered that I'd just bought a cute frame at Salvation Army for 99 cents.  Thrift stores are great spots to find frames but be careful not to get overcharged.  

So I painted it up.

I decided that I liked the raw look it had after only one coat.

(Darla wanted to be my Cate during the photo shoot.)

I gave it a little sanding on the edges to make it a bit more vintage and added some of my brown oil stuff on the sanded parts.

 Then I cut some scrapbook paper for the background and popped in my print!

This particular one I purchased from Jones Design Company but there are many free printables online, like this one from The Nester.

Now the real trick is to obey these words...

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