Thursday, July 5, 2012

Storewatch: World Market

Welcome to World Market, Seattle.

(Visit their store locator to find a store in your own summer vacation destination.

I first heard of World Market here, in my June Country Living.

I have been having a hard time finding stools for our basement and I liked these ones from World Market.  I checked out their website but couldn't find the stools anywhere so I emailed to ask if they were available.  Within minutes, literally, I received a very helpful email from their customer service people to let me know that not all items are available online.  I was so impressed with their fantastic service that I decided to try to visit a store on a family trip through the States.

It was a good sign to find Mrs. Meyers soap when we arrived.  Love those refill bags!
The kids were all over the toy section.

There was a whole wine section as well as snacks and coffee and tea.  I admit I didn't really look too closely as it's the housewares that I enjoy the most.

I was particularly impressed by the curtain and basket selection.

And there were lots of fun summer items.

Prices were reasonable although I did not find any huge deals.
I DID find stools which will be revealed once the basement is done.
Overall, I'd go again.

Now I realize this is not a store that everyone can visit as it is only in select locations.  I am not trying to be cruel here, but I am hoping that you will be inspired to go into a store that you've never been in this summer.  One you pass by all the time perhaps, or somewhere you've heard about but never checked out.

It was not wise for me to review my first store whilst stool shopping with my husband and 4 kids after having driven for several hours.  I promise to take more pics next time and focus my attention better on the product!!

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