Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coming This Summer

In 24 hours from now I will be going from 1 kiddo all day to 4.  Which is lovely and exciting...and daunting all at the same time.

Our Days Left of School Countdown

The other day I read a beautiful quote.

days are long,
and the 
years are short.

So true.
And while I am not a big saver of every drawing and craft, I do love to keep and display my favourite memories of and creations from my children.

Summer is a fun time to hang out with the kids, but if you crave a little project or two of your own then you are not alone.  Over the holidays I will be posting a variety of ways to store/display special items you may have been collecting over the years.  


I will be periodically sharing my favourite stores with you.

All the kids together.
Could summer BE any better??

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