Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Little Vent

Hey, let's play that game where you find the differences between two pictures.
See if you can find 3 things missing from the bottom shot.

Yah.  That's right.  While we were away on holiday, somebody STOLE my two black plant stands AND my artificial plant!  STOLE THEM.  Words just do not express my annoyance at this.  I have a certain amount of patience when a teenager steals, say, a car.  We were all young.  We all made mistakes.  But this is no teen swiping my decor!  This is an adult homeowner wanting to decorate their own space WITH MY STUFF.  And, they clearly thought that the plant was cuter without the planter.  (They were wrong.)

Now I am on hyper alert at night in case they should return.  Last night I heard a noise and raced down to save my things.  It was just a kid playing soccer across the street.  At 2am.  

They also left muddy footprints on my rug.  Maybe CSI could make a cast of them and catch the scoundrels (this word has been edited for family friendliness on the blog).

Stay tuned to see what replacements get made.
And how we BOLT IT ALL DOWN.


  1. What a bummer...and they really were nice plant stands!

  2. That's just rude.....I would of taken the chairs .....sorry. The strangest thing someone took from our old house was the Christmas light bulbs.

  3. Have you ever thought of a security light?
    We have one hard wired onto the outside wall of our home , and when there is movement in the yard, it automatically goes on, and illuminates the thief. John can adjust the sensitivity so that blowing leaves do no set it off. We have one in our back yard, nothing so funny as a 50 yr old women leaping out of bed to a curtainless window(wearing a CPAP device)...only to find a racoon ambling around...