Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Shelf Project

This is Dino's side of the bed.

Pretty tidy.  But a few days before this picture it was not looking so good.  Now, Dino's not a messy guy, but we all know that things pile up.  There were some boxes under the dresser and some binders on the floor by the wall.  My rule is that when the vacuum can't touch the walls around the perimeter of a room, then we need to rethink things.

So anyway, Dino cleaned and it looked much better.  But I had a feeling that in a few months time, we'd be right back where we started.

So I had this idea to give him a shelf.  I painted up this little guy.  My neighbours think I have a spray paint addiction.

But I wasn't totally happy with this location.

Then I got an idea.
How about castors?
So Dino helped me attach castors and a handle.  And then I got another idea and just for fun I painted a little message board on it as well.

But my stinky green painters tape let the paint bleed through and then ripped off some of my new white paint.
So I had to re-spray.  Happily my neighbours were not outside that day.
Sadly in my excitement to fix the paint, I sprayed the castors.

Anyway, eventually I got everything sorted out and put all Dino's books from the window sill on the shelf.

And then...I rolled it away!
So fun.
And I can even write him little messages on it.

Much better.


  1. That is!!!!


  2. Hi! You always make me smile:)
    Just a couple of points, you do have a spray paint addiction, (lol), Dino is a perfect husband :) and I hope your messages say stuff like, I love you and oh aren't you so neat!! LOL a lot!!!
    Anyway, love you lots.