Sunday, July 22, 2012

Keepsakes ~ Session Two

Session Two is all about photo displays.  
I am the worst at remembering to take pictures of my kids, but I do try to hit all the big occasions.  My favourite pics are always of our travels.  

I created a collage for a wall in our stairway...a spot we all see multiple times a day.

In the four large frames, I used my favourite baby outfits as a background for each child.  Then I added a large initial, spelled out their name, and stuck on their ultrasound picture.  I bought the ultrasound shots of each of the kids but, as we discussed in Session One, they are not much use if they are hidden away, never to be seen again.
Sofi and Cate's frames have favourite blouses as the background.

Eli's is a diaper shirt that I can still picture him in, and Jake's was a 2 piece jammie set that I loved.

I hung smaller frames, one for each child.  All the photos are from a family vacation to Florida.  In June we took a trip to Victoria, so once I develop those pictures, I will update the collage.  

I also added a larger group shot.

I do the same thing in other areas of my home.  I hang or stand frames with my favourite shots of the kids.  Then as they grow, I update them.  It's nice to be able to walk around the house and be reminded of fun times we've had together.

This one is from a wedding a few years ago and it is sitting by our tub.

These ones are in a collage on my bedroom wall.

Some photos I will likely not update as they are extra special to me.  This one was taken on our first family vacation on an airplane.  You'd think they were on the plane by the looks on their faces, but this is how excited they were by the airport shuttle bus.  It was priceless and I will never forget their joy.

Here is another one that will never be updated.  It hangs in the kids' bathroom...first tub bath for each of them.

(If you are wondering how I remembered to take a picture of the first big bathtub experience for 4 children, I am guessing that it's possible that it was not the very first for a couple of them.  I also messed up on Cate's and took it vertically instead of horizontally so you can't see much of her, but we're not after perfection here...we are after memories.)

So start snapping, or frame what you already have.  Photos are an easy and inexpensive way to display your precious memories.

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