Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Thrift Finds

I lucked into some fun finds this weekend.  Normally I think antique stores are priced too high but I got 3 useful items for a good price at the Antique Store in Dugald on the way home from picking up my daughter at summer camp.

Check it out.  
2 metal baskets and a tray/picture frame.  I nearly left the frame but on second glance I decided I actually quite like the painting in it as well as the frame.

I love the look of metal baskets and can always find a use for here in my kitchen for storing tea towels and casserole dishes.  The one on top is for fruit (which apparently we are not eating this summer).

In my storage room I use one for holding projects and one for frames.

Trays are always useful and when they are also frames it is fun to switch up the inside to achieve different looks.
Here I have a photo in the left tray and fabric squares in the one on the right.

What fun stuff did you thrift this weekend??


  1. I definitely did no thrifting this weekend but love what you found!


  2. A friend of mine mounted metal baskets to her deck and put potted plants in it, looks great.