Monday, July 30, 2012

Keepsakes ~ Session Three

In session three I'll show you how I record memorable information about the children as well as how we store and organize our photos. 

I love baby books and have one for each of the kids.

They are such a fun way to log information that you may not remember as years go by.  
As the youngest of 4, my baby book is lacking some detail so I am a stickler for making sure each of my kids has a fully filled out book.

When Jake chopped Sofi's hair off.
Cate's hospital crib tag.

I also keep a journal for each child.  Periodically I write a note to tell them how much I enjoy their unique personalities or to record a fun story or even to jot down how they say certain words.

Photos are a challenge especially with four kids.  I have chosen to give them each a set of albums.  
Cate's Albums

When I develop pictures I order multiples of group shots and then I sort them amongst the albums.  If a pic is of only one child I put it in that person's album.  I order extras of my favourites for me.  When the kids are grown and leave home, they will take their own set of albums with them.

And so to ensure that I do not end up picture-less one day, I also have my own albums where I keep my very favourites.  As well, the photos that I display in my home end up in the favourites album after they've been replaced with updated shots. 

I have a special Christmas album where I keep Santa shots and our annual Christmas pic.

Now that everything is digital, there are so many ways to organize your photographs.  What works best in your family? 


  1. I love the journals you are writing to your kids!


  2. WOWIE! That picture of Sofi with her long hair and bangs (2 pics above) looks like her big cousin when she was a little rascle. : )