Monday, August 6, 2012

Storewatch: Anthropologie

Welcome to my very favourite store!

It is hard to know where to begin. 
First let me apologize for choosing another store that you have to travel to...but hopefully some of you still have summer destinations to reach.  Be sure to add in a visit!

Before I tell you what I love about Anthropologie, let me tell you what I do not shop there for. 
And it is crazy because they have gorgeous clothing and accessories...but my love for Anthropologie begins with art.

They are famous for their creative window displays and use of unique materials to decorate their stores. (All of the next five items are decorative only, not for sale.)
Look what I found in this Minneapolis store - a picture made purely of paint sticks dipped in paint, then attached to a canvas.

A chair made of radiators and more paint sticks.  

Check out the cutlery lamp and beautiful flowers in the front windows.

I also find the way they display their products so inspiring and beautiful.
Scarves in baskets attached to the wall.

Aprons hooked on bent spoons.

Teacups stacked in a vintage shelf.

I love the windows on the wall and these beautiful pieces of old furniture.

Another cool teacup display!
It is a treat to visit a store and leave inspired with home decorating ideas without having to spend a penny.

But, spend I do.  Because the products are so charming and unique and sweet.  
Have a look...

An amazing selection of fantastic knobs and hangers!

The sale room!!

Drool.  Drool.  Drool.  
It is not an inexpensive store so I have been collecting favourite items over time.
Like what, you might ask?

 Measuring cups, measuring spoons and of course, the knobs.

Strainer and timer.

Berry basket and butter dish.

 Tea towels.

Some S's.

My fantastic vase and cutie egg crate.

And a couple of items still waiting for their post reno homes.

For the basement.
For the den.

Our family's motto...waiting to be planted and put on den shelf.

I do so hope you'll drop in to an Anthropologie store for a visit.  
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  1. I want to steal that berry container from your house!!!! It was super fun to go to Anthropologie LV with you a few years ago!