Sunday, August 12, 2012

Keepsakes ~ Session Four

Not everyone is big on purchasing school photos, but it is something that I have chosen to do.  To this day my siblings and I are hanging on my parent's bedroom from every year, each piled one on top of the other in our own frame.  It's fun to have a consistent record of how you looked year to year.  

Here are my kids.
Cate's of course is not a school photo...I am sure that Life Touch is happy with me for making sure that you know this was not their photography.

Along with them I have displayed a little keepsake that I have of each of the kids.  I got the idea from Martha Stewart to do a hand tracing of their baby sized hands.  So for each child, I traced their hand at 5 weeks.

 It was really easy and only costs for the frame but makes a cute reminder of how little they once were.   If you missed the 5 week mark, just choose whatever age they are at.
(Unless it's 21.)

Choose a place in your home to hang photos that you can change up once a year to keep a visual record of your kids' growth.


  1. I must be a sibling for sure then, cause all 4 of my kids have all their school pictures, each in their own frame, piled one on top of the other, right outside my bedroom door where I can see them every time I go in. Every now and then, I take them down and go through them and have a really good sentimental little cry remembering them when they were young!!

  2. Awwwwww! That is so nice! I guess we stick with what we grew up with!?