Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Winter Storage

Here we go with part two of our outerwear clean up.  
The other day when we did the wardrobes, I left one pair of mitts, a hat and a winter jacket for everyone just in case April takes a turn on us.
I put winter boots in our footwear storage bin.  Ski pants (and evenutally jackets) get stored in a cedar chest.

Mitts, hats and scarves get stored here.

I threw the clean laundry from the other day on top.

Today we will organize whatever space you use to store your winter gear over the summer.  Grab your timer and a give away bag!

I set my timer for 15 minutes.  I pulled everything out of the bench.  Under the clean stuff are these bags (home made gift bags Corinna gave my kids presents in once) which I use to separate each kid's stuff.

Storage bags
Stuff I washed

I made one pile for each person, switching sizes down to smaller kids if possible.

Remember to be practical.  How many hats can one kid really wear?  Or mitts?  
Here is my give away pile.

I put the adult stuff in the bottom of the bench, filled one bag per kid and then stuck them in the bench in order of age.  When it is time to put away the last mitts and hat, I can just pop them in each person's bag easily.

So, why the extra 15 minutes you ask?
It always seems there are a few little fixes that need to happen.  Whether you mend a mitt or clean some soiled boots, maybe sew a button or two back on a jacket, use those last few minutes to finish up details that are tempting to just leave for 5 months you'll be glad you did.

Thanks for the comments everyone!  
Keep updating me on your progress and I'll keep popping your name in the draw!


  1. Great ideas. I just threw all the mittens, etc. into a rubbermaid bin, but I know there are things in there that haven't been worn in years, and lots of mitts that don't have partners. So I might just be inspired to deal with that! I did the closet though: Click here for pics

  2. Ellen, you're so smart to know how to put pics in your comment!


  3. No, don't over-estimate my intelligence. I'm just smart enough to google "how do I paste link in blog comment."

  4. Thank you...I need to get this done! We have very limited space, no closets. I have to make two kids' winter stuff fit in one small cedar chest. So, I need to go through everything now. Thank you for the motivation!