Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nightmare Week

This week we are gonna tackle the nightmares.  First drawer, then cupboard.  You know, those spaces in your home that just do NOT stay organized and end up driving you nutso?
 In our house that's the art drawer and the candy cupboard.  

So start thinking about which areas you will choose in your house and then consider WHY they are a nightmare.  Chances are something is not working quite right or they would not be so hard to keep tidy.

~Is there just too much stuff?
~Do you need to sort more efficiently?
~Is your sorting too specific?
~Does your whole family know the system of organization that you are using?
~Do you need to give in on something?
~Do you need to buy/find some different storage containers?

 Realizing why things are not working will help you to be able to figure out a strategy to improve your space during the 30 minute clean.

Happy Easter Everyone!!
And before I go I want to leave a big shout out to my sister-in-law Heather, who took last week's inspiration shot and created gorgeous similar arrangements for our family's celebrations this weekend.  
Big ARG to the fuzziness...I had forgotten my camera and my blackberry did not do justice.  
Link us a better picture in the comments Heather!!

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