Monday, April 2, 2012

Outerwear Closet

Welcome to Speedy Spring Pretty Organize!

Today's project is whatever area you use to hang outerwear.

Here is what you will need for this project:
-laundry basket
-damp cloth
-garbage bag
-give away box

In our house, we use wardrobes to store our outer gear.  Between the four kids, there is one for girls, one for boys.  I enlisted my 2 oldest to help with this job.  Now maybe you are thinking that I cheated by using extra labor.  Honestly, I could have done it more quickly myself, but I wanted them to take ownership of how they maintain their spaces.

Here is the process:
-I set the timer for 20 minutes.
-I had them put all winter jackets, ski pants, and mitts in the laundry basket.
-They put winter boots in our winter storage bin.
-I got them to hang everything that could be hung.
-They emptied their wardrobe bins of garbage and items that should not have been there.  
-They vacuumed the shelf and put bins and school bags in neatly.
-They removed all shoes and vacuumed the rug and floor of wardrobe.
-They wiped the floor out with a damp cloth including any mud on the doors.
-Shoes and rain boots went back in neatly.
-Any items that they had grown out of got put in the give away box.


After 20 minutes the timer went off and they were done.  I then used the remaining 10 minutes to load the outerwear from the laundry basket into the machine, and then later to unload it and rehang the jackets.  The ski pants and mitts I popped into our storage boxes which is where we will focus our time for our next project.


Your area will obviously look different than ours.  Perhaps you have a hall closet.  Or maybe you have hooks where you hang your stuff.  No matter the space, you can follow the same principles of hanging items, washing winter clothes, vacuuming up dirt, wiping out floors, and removing garbage and things that do not belong.



  1. I wish I had the space for 2 wardrobes! Good job Jake, Sofi and Shan!

  2. Looks good! I've been doing that kind of slowly, just packed away all the scarves, etc, and Julio put the jackets away and brought up the spring ones just the other day, and we washed all the old ones. Does that count? No timer, but I bet we fit your timeline. :)

  3. I am definitely into Speedy Spring Pretty Organize! This week's projects are most welcome on my list! Thank you Shannon for the inspiration and instruction.

  4. I did it! The winterwear is in the washer as we speak. It didn't take long and feels SO much better.

    (I will try to post before & after pics on my blog in the next few days.)

    PS: I really want to be like Katniss and try out that bow in the camo closet.

  5. Ok ok, I will do this this week... coats are already away, but hats, mitts and scarves are still overrunning my space.

  6. I like that your girls closet has way more pairs of shoes and boots than the boys. :)