Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nightmare Cupboard

This is our candy cupboard.  

Want a closer look?

Yah, I know.  Yikers.

The problem?

Bag upon bag of candy that belongs to a specific kid.  I want to just have general bins we dump it all into but they want to keep some of their treats separate.  Of course I can't blame them, which is why I end up with multiple bags flung up there in a general state of disaster.

The solution?

A jar for every one of us (except hubby...who does not have a sweet tooth) and a couple of general storage bins.

~Grab garbage bag.
~Set timer.
~Label storage.



The upper shelf in the cupboard held crackers.  I decided that was silly since we use crackers often and I cannot reach up there.  I switched them to a lower cupboard and instead put jello and ice cream cones up top.  This also left me more space for the general chocolate storage bin.  I love that the handles make these bins easier to grab down.


I really need a mini egg now.


  1. Did you keep the lids for those jars, or will they stay open?? And were those handled boxes at Dollarama?
    As always it looks good and I must say, I do like to see a place of Shannon's place looking messy... it makes you more real ;)

  2. Ha! Yes...real live mess. :)
    I kept the lid on my jar and stored the kids' in behind the stuff on the top shelf. I'll put them back on their jars when those huge suckers are gone. The handled boxes are from Dollarama. I am finding them so much easier to reach up high whereas a normal container is a bit harder for a shorty like me.

  3. Looks good! Our candy area just got a bit nutty with Easter, I will do this one too!

  4. I just came back from dollarama, bought two of those blue handled bins, and have a purged and organized candy cupboard! Thanks for the inspiration Shannon! On another note, I can't seem to find that paper organizer thing anywhere...I tried dollarama, walmart, superstore...any suggestions? I suppose Staples would have something, but I was just hoping for something cheap!

  5. Oh phooey on the paper organizer! For sure HomeSense will have them. And yah...Staples. You could use a tray if it had sides and was the right size...Dollarama may have those.

  6. HAHA... I thought I was the only one with a candy cupboard... glad to see I am not the only one with a guilty pleasure drawer :0