Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Fridge

I hate the fridge.

H. A. T. E.

Okay...let's back up.  THIS fridge I love.

Look how suuweeeet he is with his retro vibe!  My parents got him for us when we moved to our current home.  I had seen him in a flyer and had to do some serious pestering at Home Depot to get him delivered to my door.

THIS is the fridge I hate.


I am the person who leaves things all moldy in there until my husband finally throws them out.
However, today I grabbed a pail of soapy water and a cloth, set my timer and got started.  I emptied it one shelf at a time and wiped it out.  
I got rid of anything gross or old.

 I tried to categorize a bit and keep similar items together.  In our family we make the next day's lunches as soon as the kids arrive home from school so I often have 3 lunch kits in there.  I planned for extra space while I was cleaning the top shelf out.


There wasn't that much to sort on the door but I emptied everything and wiped it out.
It actually took awhile and I went 5 minutes overtime.

Door Before
Door After

I guess the freezer will have to wait.

And that concludes our 8 organizing sessions.  I hope you have felt encouraged to tackle some of your spaces that needed a little face lift.  
Looking forward to announcing a winner on Sunday night!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE orgnazing stuff ... ok, so for the freezer you need spacers, some type of wall structure so that things don't fall into each other b/c they are icy. Small things in the door of the freezer big things inside. Organize according to type of frozen item ie: meat section, bread, fruit, treats etc., so that when you pull out the right bin you know what you are looking for. Plus, keep bigger items in your deep freeze if you have one. Take out one or two items if in bigger containers to transfer into kitchen freezer. SEE... I'm lameo organized. xoxo

  2. I love your fridge too! And I have the same lunch kit problem when making day before. Never enough space! GAH! (Although you clearly do have space....that's my issue!)

  3. Very nice. I might just have go clean my fridge right now. My problem is that my fridge is old and rundown and everything in the back freezes. Great if you want a nice cold drink, but not so great when everything else has to be placed right in the front. Oh and the light bulb socket is wrecked so there's no light except if you touch it by accident, sparks go off and the breaker shuts off. It should be good for another ten years or so. I don't like to buy stuff unnecessarily.

  4. Way to go with the fridge clean up! I did that in February with my best takes a best friend to help with a project like that. I'm really wanting to tackle some of the drawers in the kitchen now...maybe I'll have to ask my best friend what her schedule is like. ;)

  5. Wow... you got that done after we left yesterday? Good job, I went home and napped :) However... I did my mitts AND I cleaned out a drawer in the kitchen yesterday, so yah, 2 done! Fridge... I may need some more inspiration!

  6. I am glad I have an extra freeze in our "shop - utility" room for lunch kits ! They take up so much room !


  7. woo hoo! One more sleep until draw day! :)