Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Trends 2016

January is trend month! 

I don't usually spend a lot of time talking about trends.  Not because I don't like them or get all excited or anything...I just think they're a bit dangerous.  So let's just remember, if you like something that's on trend...introduce it into your home in a non permanent way.  Cushions, curtains, a throw or new rug.  Maybe paint if you don't mind painting again after a year or two.
No back splashes okay?

So you'll never guess what's all over the magazines for 2016!!
Hunter green.

Of course they're not calling it that.
British racing green...much cooler.

Style at Home February 2016


House and Home January 2016

Deep green (BM). 

House Beautiful

Gothic Green (BM).

House and Home December 2015

And Absolute Green (BM). 

House and Home December 2015

As happy as I was to see the hunter green shade from the 90's disappear...I'm equally thrilled to see it back and reinvented.  I love it!  I'm contemplating how to reintroduce it into my space.

My bridesmaids must be so happy to be able to wear their dresses again!!

Next week, another oldie but goodie reappears.


  1. haha, love the bridesmaid comment! I'm sure mine will be thrilled when shiny teal comes back.