Monday, January 25, 2016

Adding Green

I wanted to add some green into my space. 

First I bought some paint.
In my head I was looking for the colour at the bottom right.
Luckily I brought the names of the colours I'd seen in my magazine because what I thought I saw on the page was quite different from the actual colours.  The 2 in the top middle are ones I'd seen in the inspiration shots and the bottom middle is what I ended up purchasing.
Rainforest Foliage 2040-10 BM

I bought a sample sized can for $11.29 and used about an inch worth on my project.

Good-bye turquoise.


I also picked up a chunk of green fabric for $3.38 and recovered my turquoise pillows.
The plaid pillow cases were a birthday gift.


I covered my coffee table with an old wool plaid blanket 
to pull in more green and warm up the space.

I didn't have to add much gold because I already have quite a few items.  I just rearranged some things so that any silver has some warm gold along with it.

Nothing I did was costly or difficult and now my living room has some fun, warm, cozy, on trend changes for the winter season.

I even got my nails into the action.

What can you paint or cover to bring some winter green into your home?

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