Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Coming In February

Can you even believe it's nearly love month again?  
I'm looking forward to showing you a few Things I Do No Love next week.

And here's a peek at what I'll be working on in my own home...a room I really DO NOT daughter Cate's bedroom.  
It's small and always messy.  She has too many toys for the space but she's only 8 so of course she has toys and she loves to play with them so I'd like her to have a space where she is able to spread out and where she can easily clean up.

We started out by getting her a loft bed...
not my favourite option but I decided it was the best for our situation.  
Dino set it up the other night and before I woke up the next morning here's what Cate had done.

Ack.  Help.
Stay tuned for an update on how I get her all set up.


  1. haha she made herself a curtain - very creative! I like her little hands poking through.

    1. Ha. I liked that too...she was pretty proud. Today we tackled her miscellaneous drawer. ACK.