Monday, January 4, 2016

A New Year

"Do not be weighed down by the clutter in your life: lots of little chores to do sometime, in no particular order. If you focus too much on these petty tasks, trying to get them all out of the way, you will discover that they are endless. They can eat up as much time as you devote to them."
(Jesus Calling - Dec. 19)

Yep. It's a danger for a girl who tries to stay organized and on top of the to do list!
There is always that far off goal of finishing everything on the list.  
Which, of course, is never possible and yet still, that temptation lingers.

"Take time to be still in My Presence so that I can strengthen you. 
The busier you become, the more you need this time apart with Me.
How much better it is to walk close to Me, depending on My strength and trusting Me in every situation. If you live in this way, you will do less but accomplish far more. Your unhurried pace of living will stand out in this rush-crazed age. Some people may deem you lazy, but many more will be blessed by your peacefulness."
(Jesus Calling - Dec. 27)

For 2016, my goal is to focus on more time with God.  
Less time on to-doing.
Even typing that makes my heart flutter...but HOW will it all get done??  
If I don't do it, WHO will??
Oh dear...such self little trust.  

I've decided to start the New Year off by trying out the discipline of the "Daily Office".  
Basically the goal as described on the back of the guide is "to be with God more than once a day so that the practice of the presence of God becomes a real possibility."
Yes please.

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If you think you'd like to try it out, you can find a pdf version of this book online here.


  1. Oh dear...such self little trust.

    What a great line to reflect on! (me, that is).

    Thanks for the devotional tip too. I'm going to download. Have been floundering a bit on what to use this year and that sounds really great.

    Nice to have you back!!! (But no pressure!!! :))


    1. Thanks! I hope you'll like the book. And so nice you liked a line I wrote myself, not a quoted one. :) :) xo