Wednesday, November 25, 2015


One of my newer holiday traditions is to keep treats around the house for the month of December.  It's not something I'd ever really done before but there is just this sort of special magical feeling about having boxes of chocolates, bowls of nuts,
and of course those mint M & M's sitting out for company.
Or, small children.

 One of my favourite quick snacks is so simple and so good.
Boursin and wheat thins.  
So good.

Image result for boursin cheese 

Here's another of my favourites.  
It's easy and festive looking.

Perfect gluten - free bite -- THESE are addicting.:

And this one is to die for.  Raspberry habanero sauce from Pampered Chef poured over cream cheese and served with chocolate wafers.  I actually crave this sometimes.

Isn't this a good idea when you're trying to space plan your buffet?

Country Living
Happy entertaining!!


  1. Totally different post than I expected. I thought you were going to show us storage tubs of separate lunchbox treats/snacks in your pantry. Granola bars in one, sesame snaps in another, pkg puddings and fruit cups in another, etc....showing that kids can participate in packing their own lunchesI I like your treat ideas w-a-y better!