Thursday, November 12, 2015

Set the Mood

 Oops!  I promised inexpensive ideas today but I forgot to tell you to set a mood!  Back next week with some tips on easy, affordable decor.

It should be fun, this decorating business!  
Here are my decoration day traditions.

Well obviously, an eggnog latte.

And I always snack on mint M &M's.
Except this year...I decorated a bit earlier than normal and there were no mint M & M's out yet.  
To be honest, the Junior Mints were not quite the same.

Sometimes I have carols playing.

Or I listen to Stuart McLean.

Vinyl Cafe: The Christmas Pack 

There are parts of decorating that can be tedious, but if you find some fun traditions to look forward to, it makes the time much more enjoyable and festive.

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