Monday, November 16, 2015

Easy, Inexpensive Christmas Decor

Have a peek at 4 ways to add some cheer without breaking the bank.

 1.  Colour

Simply changing blankets or pillows, tea towels, etc. to red creates instant festive.  

Look how seasonal this table is with the red plaid blanket. 
Even if I hadn't added Christmassy stuff on top, it would still be cheery.

Remember these super cheap rugs from Ikea?  
Both patterns say holiday to me.
$3.99 holiday in fact.


2.  Balls

Put them in a bowl, a glass vase, or on some cake stands like these ones.
They are inexpensive and super festive.

House and Home

You could even deck out a whole tree.  

Country Living

3.  Lights

I showed this photo last week but have another look.
It's a tree...with lights.
That's it.  
The warm glow of the lights is the whole show. 

Style at Home
My 15 year old son told me his favourite part of the decor is when it's dark out and we only have the Christmas lights on and it's all cozy inside.

4.  Wrap

There are all sorts of clever ways to use gift wrap,

or gift bags in your decor.  
Super simple and economical.

Pick an idea and experiment around the house.  

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  1. Your 15-year-old boy and I have the same fave!