Monday, October 19, 2015


 Some lovely friends brought each of my kids a pumpkin on the weekend.  
They, of course, are dying to carve them in the traditional triangular eyes, nose, toothy grin style.
I cannot convince them to try one of these fun ideas...
but perhaps you will have more luck at your house.  

Here are some ideas from Country Living 2014.

Cross stitch or wrapping with elastics...I love it!

Ribbon or furniture tacks.

 Cute animal creations...actually I might be able to sell this one.

Drilled holes or duct tape. 

 And from Country Living 2015...
I find the moose squash adorable.

And my ultimate favourite, the Hudson's Bay pumpkin.

Here's a fun trivia fact about me:
I will eat anything pumpkin...soup, scones, loaf, muffins, cheesecake, 
but not pie.  Bleck.  What a waste of whipped cream!

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