Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hallowe'en Costumes

It's a love hate for me.  Like, candy is great and I like a fun time together but can't we all just agree to wear jammies or something and ditch costumes?  Ugh.  I hate dressing up and I super hate having to figure out how to dress my kids up.

Particularly when Cate asks to be Olaf.
Gah.  Seriously?  Does a white sheet with eye holes look like Olaf?
So I thought I'd pinterest it just to see.  Of course, there were some seriously frightening works of art on there.  Stuff that you could whip up...if you had a 3 months and no other activities.

But look oh look at this guy.

Valk on mimi   making sweatshirt Olaf TOOTHless 030.JPG

Nice!  I feel capable.   
Of course, I will have to sell it to Cate.  

So if you've had the impossible requested from you, I suggest a pinterest browse.  There will be lots that's just crazy, but you may find something totally do-able.  Big shout out to those who post the do-ables for those less costume savvy.

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