Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Flowers

I often think of buying flowers in the spring, but there are all sorts of beautiful fall coloured beauties available now.  My local Co op store had a great selection this past weekend.

I used to work at a florists, many years ago, and here's what I learned. 

Don't let any leaves sit in the water...they rot and poison the water and make your flowers die.  So strip the stems below the waterline and change the water regularly.

If you're arrangement is not sitting right you may need to cut it shorter.

Before, some stems are too long.
After, shorter stems let the buds sit right.

Don't try to use too many flowers in an arrangement.  If they don't all fit easily, fill another vase.  These few little buds would not fit well in my arrangement so they got their own baby vase.

I'm a huge fan of short arrangements.  
Here's a great post on how to make long stemmed flowers look pretty cut short.

Check out your local grocery store and see what pretty fall blooms you find!

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