Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Well I was coming to show you all our fabulous pumpkins today.  We had a family carving session on the weekend which was great fun and I had taken photos but guess what?  My SON left my camera at school and the pics are on it and the pumpkins are all outside and it's dark and so I can't take more pics and oh yah the camera is at school anyhow.  
Gah.  Kids.

So lemme show you my new grass just for fun.

Since moving into our house our front yard has been a mud/weed combination, 
only made worse by our house lift.  We had a walk way made out of crushed rock and then we used pallets for a really long time.

sidewalk and grass!!

It is amazing the difference grass can make, not to mention my fancy stamped sidewalk.  I almost look forward to shoveling!  We're working on a garden as well.  
Slowly, but surely!!

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