Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Time for Change

 While I agree that the New Year is a great time for resolutions and goal setting, I also get this crazy January itch for

I get completely excited and giddy in anticipation of the process and of course, of the end result.
This month I will be tackling the rooms of my 4 kids.  They are all pretty good at general tidiness, but once a year they need some help to purge, sort, organize and just for fun, we will throw in a rearrange to give them a new look.  Like my kids, each of their rooms has its own personality and I will spend some time with each child to discuss how their spaces are working for them and how we can make it better. (My oldest has already submitted a new floor plan to me.)

Here is a sneak peek of the befores.  Now please note that around here, January 1st is "stay in jammies and veg" day so the rooms have been played in and not cleaned up yet.  


Cate (4)
Eli (6)

Jake (11)
Sofi (9)

My plan is to get started on Cate's room next week.  I hope you will follow with me in the process and maybe choose your own project to work on alongside me.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Maybe February can be purging in MY kids rooms... keep it going :)