Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Ready

It's fun to step into the holiday hosting mode with your spaces organized and ready to go.  Granted, I don't imagine Darla will be using her linen closet too much in her hostessing duties...but hey, still nice to have it tidy.

Here's how it started out.


Step One:  Sort

Beach towels

Everyday towels



Step Two:  Purge

Darla and I went through every item and got rid of things that were not being used...two garbage bags full to donate!

Step Three:  Organize

I folded up the remaining items and organized them into the closet.

Since beach towels are not in use as often, I put them on the top shelf, along with the extra duvet for the master bedroom.  Everyday towels are at eye level as well as extra bedding.

Containers hold various items that are stored here...batteries and flashlights, extension cords, haircutting kit, etc..  Toilet paper is low for easy access to the entire family.

On the floor, blankets...easy to grab when kids are building forts.

On the door I stored light bulbs and the hot water bottle.


Take toilet paper and kleenex out of its wrapping for easy access.

Store face clothes in their own bin to keep them  tidy.

Throw blankets in a box or bin and don't worry about folding. 

Time elapsed:  one hour

I also did a quick organize of the tea towel bin.


You guessed it.  Sort.  Purge.  Organize.

Hostess ready.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Every time I read your posts I want you to come over. My towels need you. So does Anna's room. :)

  2. Truly blessed by you!


  3. Oh...and nice to know I can go and hide in their if I need a break from my hostessing duties. Heehee.

  4. ooops their = there!