Monday, January 2, 2012

Shop the House

Before we talk about phase one of Cate's room, I need to do a quick back track.

As you may remember, during the summer I painted up a little unit I had and put it in my kids' bathroom.

As it turned out, in the Fall we finally had our central vac installed and the outlet for it was blocked by the dresser.  So I moved it out and replaced it with a smaller set of drawers I had in my entrance.  

I am not totally happy with this here, but at least I can get to the vaccuum (see the little door on the left).  I put the basket dresser in the entrance for the time being.  We are still in reno mode so I just popped it there to store until I could figure out where it should stay.

Okay, now back to Cate.  The biggest issue in her room is toy storage.  Her room is small so there are not many places to keep toys and she is a kid who plays with a lot of items at once so my hope is to get a good system where she can access things easily and can also learn to put them away properly.
This little turquoise unit is super cutie, but not practical.  It just doesn't hold enough to be useful.  

So, I measured for what could fit there and then I searched Kijiji for a couple days.  The only thing I saw that may have worked was more than I wanted to spend, so today I checked out Home Sense.  Again, what I found was more than I'd hoped to pay.
So I returned home with plans to shop at other stores. 
Then I walked through the hallway, and duh...rule number one of the room re-do?  

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  1. Can't wait to see next stage!