Monday, August 1, 2011

A New Look

My beautiful god-daughter Maddie is getting her room redone.  Darla (her mom) and I have looked through pictures and found ideas.  Furniture has been purchased.  Room purged.  Paint chosen and walls done.  

We have managed to send five of our kids off to camp this week leaving us with my youngest and Maddie (oldest of our combined clan).

So.  We will shop for the last details.  We will arrange.  We will finish up projects.

And hopefully soon, we will show you the new look.

In the meantime, here are the before pics.

Looking forward to the big reveal!


  1. Let Maddie know that I really like the "before" shots so I can't even imagine what it's going to look like "after"!


  2. I'm super excited for the big reveal too. And about getting to spend so much time with you this week working on it! :) Thanks again for bestowing your time and talents on us. We are so blessed.


  3. Is it just me or does this room get re-done every six months or so? I hope you are not buying new things unnecessarily. haha Chloe's room is up for a big re-do too so I can't say too much. Looking forward to the after pics - maybe I'll just copy all your ideas.

  4.'s been a while. When Mike was painting he did say this is the fourth colour on the walls. haha. This is it till she moves out now, though.


  5. Hey L - the new stuff is really Kijiji finds so you can't count stuff that is not new as "stuff". That's a rule.
    And you should know that I have Chloe's room in mind all the time. I feel there are some nice lights at Rona she'd feel were up to her "sophisticated" requirement.

  6. aw thanks for keeping us in mind, Shannon. We need some professional help. When you're done with Maddie's room, I need some advice.