Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Up Up And Away!

House has been a wee bit stubborn about lifting off.  Dino has been working HARD.  He has given a lot of hours and endured some severe pain on his not-quite-healed achilles injury.  But after several battles, house finally gave in today.


Yup.  That IS a 100 year old, 3 story, 2700 square foot house 2 feet up in the air.  You can see right through to the other side.

Hey.  Wait.  Is that a crib in my kitchen??

And I seem to remember a fireplace in the den...

Oh!  Found it!!

Now this is how you hang a door!

The kids are checking out the future rec room.

Thank-you Dino for your willingness to take this on and create our dream home.  
We love you!!
S, J, S, E and C


  1. Wow, way to go Dino, that's amazing. You guys are great dreamers and also really great at making those dreams come true. May the rest go smoothly and quickly so you can enjoy create some awesome new family memories together soon in your dream home!

  2. oops, "enjoy creating"...Julio adds, with us!


  3. Dino you were our MacGuyver way before you took this project on! Even more so now! Glad it all is working out.

    Mike and Darla

  4. WOW! That is quite something!! I think you are all very heroic. Love the pics.

  5. Wowsers! that is very cool to see the house in the air. I would be afraid to go underneath!!!! Glad it finally gave way and lifted like it was supposed to and hope all goes smoothly from here on in. Love your sis.