Sunday, August 14, 2011


This post is dedicated to my brother in an attempt to win him over to the love of spray paint.

Awhile back I asked you all whether you thought I should paint my drawers white.  

The vote came back to paint them the accent colour of my bathroom.
But I decided to trump you all and stick with white.

Ha ha ha!!  I'm just messing with you.  That was just the primer.  Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying spray primer?!?

Here's the finished product:

I hope those who voted will approve.

That tray on top was another spray make-over.  It started out as a plain, $3.00 metal tray that I found at an antique store.

I sprayed it green, 

cut fabric to fit the bottom by tracing the back side of the tray on the fabric, then used spray adhesive to stick it on.  (I LOVE SPRAY ADHESIVE)

Ta da.  The girls will use it to store their brushes and such.

I also used the spray primer on another project.  I found this cute table on Kijiji for $15.00.

It reminded me of the side table in my living room so I thought they'd make a cute pair.

Now it had a very glossy finish which means you really should sand...which I instead I gave it a teeny quicky sanding, then used the spray primer and it worked like a charm!

Then I painted it my favourite turquoise colour,

antiqued it,

sprayed the handle, and presto - matching end tables!

So what do you have that you could give new life to with a quick coat of spray paint?  It's cheap, quick, comes in a lot of colours, and gives you a dramatic change.

Here are some things to remember:
~Paint outside or in a well ventilated area.
~It is much, much easier to lay your stuff out on an old board rather than messing around with newspaper.
~Be careful of overspray!!!  (Like, don't let the breeze carry your spray onto your vehicle...or worse, someone else's.)
~Many thin coats are best.
~Watch out for drips.

Now, if only a quick coat of spray would fix this little project up...

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  1. It looks like my first comment didn't work! Sorry if you now end up with two from me. But...I feel very confident you will make a spray paint convert! Your basket trick made me laugh. Hee hee. That was a good one. And...the baskets look fabulous!