Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Residual Effects of the Snowball

After the 3rd floor was done, I still had this little pang in my soul.  I wasn't done.  I wanted more projects.  I still needed to create.

So I trekked around the house and it wasn't long before I found a spot to work on. 

Our second floor bathroom is the where all four kids get ready in the morning.  There is one sink and it's not huge but it is where the mirror hangs.  I'd been thinking about tucking a dresser-type unit into the spot pictured above to create a more practical space because then I could hang a second mirror and the girls could do hair there, freeing up the sink.

Now, back in January, I decided that I was sick of this guy...keeper of the microwave in the kitchen.

I found this great unit at Home Sense which fits perfectly in the space, matches the style of the kitchen, and gives me lots more storage and counter top.

I wasn't sure what to do with the basket drawer unit, so I just popped him on a free wall in the dining room to await his fate.

Hoping against hope I measured, and big sigh of relief...he was a perfect fit!!  I painted the wood part white, found a fun mirror at Goodwill which I sprayed to match and then dug out a little shelf I'd been wanting to find a home for.

I hung the mirror low so that the girls can see in it easily.  All the hair supplies and other items from those green boxes in the first picture are now tucked away in the drawers.  I am still considering spraying the baskets white too...what do you think?

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  1. It would be cooler to spray the baskets a contrasting colour that goes with bathroom. then the white shelf would stand out and so would the baskets.