Monday, April 25, 2016

7 Garage Sale Purchases

 Every spring, just a block away,  St. George's Anglican church holds a massive garage sale.  People line up down the street to get in on Friday night.
I went with Krisin this year.  She is a great garage sale companion...she has an amazing eye and she's so gracious and lovely about sharing finds.

Here's what I purchased and why:

Metal box.

Because it opens like this.

Set of 5 cabbage leaf bowls.
Because they are old and remind me of my mom.

Vintage tea towel.
Because vintage linens are so sweet and so much better quality than what you can buy new.

Table cloth.
Because I always have my eye out for something to use on this table.  
It makes a great statement for the season. 

Because pretty hardcover books are always, always useful and you can never have enough.

Cocktail Stir Sticks.
Because who wouldn't want to use one of these cuties to stir up a cocktail??

Because you know how I feel about frames.
You can always use a pretty frame, especially one this big.

7 purchases for a total of $18.20.
Happy garage sale season everyone!!!

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