Monday, April 18, 2016

Sofi's Room Makeover

Last summer Sofi and I completely redid her room.  
I meant to show it to you ages ago but my 40 something year old brain is not always the best at remembering these things.  Of course, it's also possible that I already posted it and forgot.

Sofi really wanted a complete transformation.  It was a bit of a process working with my daughter as my client.  Since the thrown out rock collection incident she does not trust me very much where her room is concerned.  We also have drastically different taste.  And, she wanted a loft bed desperately, which, as you know, is a thing I do not love!

However, we sat and made plans together.  
She eventually came to terms with no loft bed.  
Part of the deal was that she would have to purge her room on her own, 
which she did an amazing job of.

I am the worst at remembering to take before shots, but basically there was a lot of purple, 
and a whole lot of stuff.

Sofi wanted her walls painted and a more grown up look.
 We chose a new wall colour that she loved and I could live with, and then we set to work creating a clean, peaceful space that she would be able to maintain.

Most of the furniture we already had - except the desk chair, which was a consolation prize for the no loft bed situation.

I painted some things gold,

and some things black to create a cohesive look.

Those little brackets are from Ikea and come in red only.  
I loved how they mimicked the polka dots in Sofi's make up area and they were an amazing price so I sprayed them black to make them match.

I gave this unit black doors and polka dots to update it.

I just took all these after shots the other day.  
Sofi has been a complete star at keeping her space clean.  Everything looks exactly like it did 7 months ago when we first did it.  

Even her closet is a picture of tidy.

Which makes the whole transformation all worth it!

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