Monday, May 16, 2016

A Rant and a Room

I hate technology.  
HATE it.

I've been trying to blog for 2 weeks now but have had countless issues with my computer.  Me and the spinny rainbow spend more time together than me and my husband.  I literally keep a book with me now so I can read it while I wait for the spinny rainbow to stop.

The biggest issue seems to be with photos and WHY in a world where I can speak to someone across the world face to face in real time I cannot seem to move a few photos to a blog I do not know.

Well, I do know.  It's mostly me.  Since grade 9 computer class I have been allergic to computers.  Every time I touch one something goes wrong.  Perhaps I have a wacky electrical force.
I'm sure that's it.

Anywho, while I cannot manage to load 10 photos in less than 3 hours, what I CAN do, is fix up a bedroom.  So let me show you Sadie's revamped space.

Sometimes it's just fun to have a rearrange and a sort and a few new items!


 First I sorted through her clothes and put all the long items on one end so her new hamper and all her Barbie items could fit underneath.


Then I moved all her American Girl dolls and accessories to one shelf for 
easy access as they are her current favourite. 



I freshened up her skinny shelf by using her white boxes on it along with the monkey frames.  Keeping one colour scheme can brighten up a space.

The art area got sorted and Sadie got a new garbage can and a file box for her colouring books.


She also got a new dresser and it got moved to where her shelf had been.  
Oh - the plant and mirror are new so cute!!


My favourite new finds are this art though.  
How sweet is that monkey!?

And now Sadie's room is fresh and fun and in a peaceful state of order...

and I have managed to finish a book while I blogged this!


  1. Love this! We're buying a house soon and I will definitely contact you with any layout, design, or decor challenges :)