Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What I Got at the Red Barn Sale And Why

The Red Barn sale never disappoints.  

This year I came away with a few fun finds.  I'll show you what they were and then tell you why I look for these items at sales like this.

Cute retro hard covered books are always useful in decorating.  Sadly others agree so sometimes they are expensive.  When I see a pretty one that's cheap I snatch it up!

Vintage Cans
I use these vintage cans as pops of colour in my kitchen.  
You can put a pot inside with a cute plant or just leave them empty.  

Serving Utensils
Do you ever find you don't have enough serving utensils when you host?  
When I see some pretty pieces being offered up for $2 or $3, I grab them.

You know I love trays.  To corral items, to inject colour, to use when serving.
When they're Hudson Bay trays, I love them even more!

Cute little stools are always handy spots for plants or to set a drink.
Often you need to add height in decorating so this is an easy way to lift something up.

I use lots of blankets around the house for colour and as fillers.  Wool blankets are especially fitting for my living room look but they are so expensive.  So when I find one for $'s SOLD!

And they there are those extra items that just catch your eye or fit a need.
I got these 2 suitcases to use as a coffee table with my new couch.  I haven't decided how to set them up at the right height yet so for now one is acting as a side table.

The Unexpected
And finally, my favourite, the unexpected find.  
This is my very favourite treasure.  
It was $5 and honestly I feel so excited about it.  
I can imagine it in so many spots!!
 I realize it looks awful now, but once I've chosen where to use it 
and after it gets a make over, it will be fantastic.  

What would you do with a $5 black metal hanging shelfy rack?


  1. Shannon! I'm in LOVE with that HBC tray. What great finds you got!

    1. Thanks Robin! I love it too!! It was such a lucky find.

  2. I love the HBC tray too!