Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Adventures Continue

 Our exploration of Winnipeg continued with a trip to the mint,  

where for 5 bucks you can get a penny collectors book to display a penny from every year between 1920 and 2012.  This was a big hit and a great activity for the kids.  They are about half done but still have several penny jars to dig through.

Michelle enjoyed a little hiatus and travelled to Niagara Falls,

as well as the CN Tower.
She assures me that Winnipeg is far, far more exciting than either Ontario sight.

We took a drive to Gimli, where you cannot, in fact, access the pier.
See?  Super exciting.

But happily we had friends at Matlock so we got to enjoy a day at the cottage which was lovely.

There's been the new experience of eating perogies and farmer's sausage,

a trip to Dollarama where Michelle shares my disgust at items not actually costing ONE DOLLAR,

and some fine dining at Ikea.

We had dessert with Nannie (Dino's mom),


and we had a tour of the Human Rights Museum.

If you are wondering what on earth more there can be to do in Winnipeg, stay tuned!  Adventures will continue.  Maybe I should write a summer guide to Winnipeg fun after this!

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