Monday, June 15, 2015


So what should be seen in Winnipeg?

Well obviously, there's been some coffee.
Because, joy oh joy, Michelle doesn't drink tea!  
She likes a brew.
Now, it did take me awhile to figure out that wasn't beer
...but when she asked for one at 10am I clued in.

We've had our "pudding"...which is dessert.

There was a visit to the Forks with a half hour boat tour.
Quite enjoyable!

As well as some very lovely poolside relaxation.

We went to a movie,

and spent a day at the zoo.

Over the weekend we introduced Michelle to Kenora,

where she attended her first social and had her first swim in a lake. 

We paused at the centre of Canada,

then went for some good ol' BDI.

The adventures continue this week!

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