Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Office - Creating a Realistic Command Centre

 My office quit working for me.
It wasn't just that it was getting messy, it also wasn't doing the job I needed it to.
Things were getting lost in the piles on my desk.  The bulletin board was overflowing.
I wasn't able to enjoy the special treasures I keep close because they were getting devoured by paperwork.

What happens when a space isn't doing the job you need it to?
Things tend to go downhill quickly.

In order to fix the problem, I had to first figure out what had gone wrong.  What I discovered was that I was not being realistic about how I was trying to maintain my office space.

I wanted to be living like this.


But hey, guess what?
I'm on the Pastor Search Committee in my church, the World Mission Planning Team, and I coordinate a weekly Women's Bible Study.  I volunteer in a few places to help organize and decorate, I write the blog, run a business, volunteer at my kids' school, try to keep those 4 kids organized, do the laundry and cleaning and cooking and, and, and...
This is not a complaint nor am I suggesting that I'm busier than anyone else.
Not at all.  Everyone is busy.
This is reality.  And in my reality, that pretty, perfect, tidy desk set up won't work.

This laundry room make-over shot gave me just the inspiration I needed to get my office back in order.

Better Homes and Gardens

Come on back later this week and check out the changes.

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