Monday, April 28, 2014

Other Office Updates

 Here are a few more changes that have helped me to get my office under control.

You've seen me share this before, but I just love my wrapping paper basket.  I took a few minutes to tidy it up and made all the rolls stand nicely.

I put a stop to a bad habit I'd developed.  I read 4 magazines per month and always mark the pages I want to keep.  Then I was piling them up in my Ikea cart and once in awhile I'd go through a massive pile and rip out all the marked pages.  I'd file the pages I'd ripped out and move the pile down to my den where I store my old magazines. 
But why would I be using up a whole space in my office to temporarily store a big stack of magazines when I already have a place to store them in another room?  
Laziness, that's why.  
So now, after I've read an issue, I rip the pages out right away, file them, and put the magazine in the den.  No more need for temporary storage.

Now that was a long story to tell you to make this point...putting items where they belong right away saves temporary storage space which can then be used for something else.

I moved my Ikea cart to sit beside my desk to provide extra space.
The bottom shelf is files for one of my committees.
The middle shelf is projects that need to get done.

I used this cute birthday gift in the top shelf,

to store all sorts of items I use for my business.

Since I moved my cart to the desk I needed to add a little table back beside my comfy chair.  
This is actually my favourite change in the room.  I painted an Ikea spice rack white and Dino hung it for me so I could keep my devotional stuff in there.

I love it.  Everything fits perfectly and always looks tidy!

Peace has returned to my office.  
I honestly feel so much more on top of my schedule now.

If you have a room that is out of control, I would challenge you to really consider your realistic needs for the space, rather than trying to attain some perfect, magazine photo look.

I did add a frame around my friend Cheri's beautiful business card that was on my shelf.
Ta da!

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