Monday, March 10, 2014

Tidying Up a Storage Room

 Oh those storage rooms can be both a curse and a blessing.
I mean it's fabulous to have all that space to store stuff, but it's also really easy to let the stuff pile up in there since it's one of the only spots in your home that people rarely see.

When you have a storage room that needs to be organized, the best thing to do is just dig in.

Grab a friend, or, you know, me, and get started.
Recently I worked with a client on her storage space.
Adding two new shelves along one wall was a big help to get items up off the floor.


Remember awhile back when we talked about breathing room?
When you organize an area it's a good idea to leave some empty space.  That way when you need a spot for another item or if you end up buying some bulk groceries or whatever...the space is ready and waiting for you.


Even when you're the only person who sees a room on a regular basis, it feels good to have it organized.

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