Thursday, March 6, 2014

Storing Recyclables

 I've always envied people who have pullout drawers in their kitchens to store their recycling.  It's so nice to keep it hidden.  
We store ours here...just outside our door on the deck.

Which was not a big deal until Winnipeg became the North Pole and one day I decided I'd opened the door to minusamillion degrees one too many times.

I found this in a magazine and got to work.

Houes and Home March 2014

I bought this felt bag at Homesense,

popped in a bin from Dollarama to catch any spills,

and am now happily tossing my recycles into it without risk of frostbite.

Where do you store your recycling?


  1. This is great! Ours gets stacked on our counter until one of us decides to brave the elements and take it to the outside bin. It drives me nuts! Just might have to implement this at our house. Thanks for sharing!