Monday, February 3, 2014

Things I Do Not Love

Welcome to Things I Do Not Love 2014.

If you missed my TIDNL posts from last year, basically this is the month where rather than getting all mushy gushy lovey dovey (not that I don't enjoy mush gush), 
I will instead list out the stuff in the design world that causes me grief.  

Much more fun to discuss really.

Here we go!

I saw these while out shopping the other day.

Yep.  Skulls.  
I just don't like them.

Not as salt and pepper.

market place advisor

Not as coffee table decor.

Made By Girl 

And I'm willing to admit this seems a bit hypocritical since I do have dead animal heads in my house, but somehow human skulls cross a line for me.
What can I tell you?


  1. Agreed...100% Nor do I like them in fashion, as in all over kid's clothing, even baby's!!!

  2. I agree completely! Do not understand why they have to be on children's clothing.

  3. That picture with the beautiful roses....and then the skull beside it makes me laugh!


  4. I totally agree as well! I have never liked skulls either. The coffee table would be awesome if there was another gold piece instead of a skull!