Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Things I Do Not Love ~ Number 3

Ahhh the starburst.  

I think I might have liked it.  Even loved it.  
Had it not showed up on every wall in every photo of every magazine for the past year or two.

I am just so sick of them.  

I do not want from from EQ3.

Not from Pier 1.

And I can assure you I do not want a whole wall of them.

Nor do I want one made from skewers or clothespins or twigs or wooden pegs or any other number of ideas that you can find if you google "DIY starburst mirror".



  1. The last photo - I have that one in my ideas file in case I ever become a mob wife or a senior citizen maximalist. (A person can always dream...)

    1. Just keep in mind that the mob wife fills her decanters with alcohol...

  2. I am positive that my Gramma was way ahead of her times as she had a lovely golden starburst mirror in her front entrance. I have never liked this trend... it's always just seemed "gramma" to me :)