Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Spare Room ~ Inspiration Takes Work

I know you all think I am a stinker for holding off on the reveal, but I wanted to make a point.  When you see something you love or have an idea you want to pursue, unless you have unlimited money, it often takes time and thought and sometimes a change of plans before you can come to a final product.  Following your inspiration can be a slow process but I always find that rushing it ends up in unsatisfactory results.

I began by painting the headboard, adding some textured wallpaper and painting over it.

I compromised on the wallpaper dream from my inspiration shot by purchasing toile pillowcases.
The throw pillows are ones I had around my house that I recovered.

I painted the dresser and added the "new" pulls.

And gradually, an empty room...

became a spare room.

I found the table on the left at a yard sale.  The one on the right is from Ikea.  The lamps are yard sale finds as well with shades from Hobby Lobby that I covered in fabric.  The accent chair, as you may remember, I recovered last year.
Books and a clock make the room more homey and inviting.

I added some artwork,

and a couple of fun touches.
A friend gave me the luggage stand and I updated the straps.

Did I use everything I was thinking of using from around the house?

Does it look exactly like the photo that inspired me?

But that's okay.
That's the thing about's a jumping off point that can take you anywhere!



  1. It's so gorgeous!!!!! I can't wait for my invitation to sleep over. And I might want the headboard back now. Hee.