Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A New Bedroom

It was so much fun to give Mike and Darla a new look for their bedroom.  We started out by looking through clippings of bedroom shots so that Darla and I could make a list of what she and Mike like.  They had some specific requests but the overall goal was to create a peaceful sanctuary to retreat to.

One of listed items was a comfy chair.  I found this guy at Home Sense for a good price in a colour that I knew Darla liked so that's where we started.

Sadly I cannot show you any before photos due to a nasty glitch in my camera's memory card.  The walls were dark brown and the furniture was pine.  We chose to lighten up the room with Elephant (Sarah Richardson) and we purchased some new white furniture and painted a few of the old pieces.
We found breezy new bedding and window coverings, and added lamps and accessories.  
So here is where we started post paint:

And here is where we ended up!

 Wood blinds keep the room dark at night which was a must for Mike.  The white bedding and furniture keep the room bright and airy.

This fireplace (which Mike painted) is from Kijiji.  It will be a cozy addition during the winter.  All 3 girls are in the collage above it.

The shelf is pretty and practical.  It has a draw for hiding needed items that are not attractive.  The large purple box is Mike's catch-all.

The mirror bounces more light around the room and the t.v. is in a good spot to view from bed.
Plants help warm up the space.

A cozy spot to read.

Where we could we kept items from the old room and refreshed them with a coat of white paint.



  1. I am totally in love with the mauve and white bedroom. How hard was it to find co-ordinating decor items? I think that would be the hardest part. Can i move in? LOL You did a great job.

    1. Thanks!! It was so fun to shop for stuff. I scored some good finds at places like Homesense and Hobby Lobby!