Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Office Unveiled

My lovely friend and carpool buddy Ellen wanted an office update.  She works from home so it's important for her to have a space she enjoys spending time in.  She has a great office with double doors right out onto her deck.  Her hope was to create a sort of sunroom look with an outdoorsy feel.

There was not a rush on this project.  Ellen is a patient girl who was willing to take some time to get things just right.  During our first meeting, we rearranged furniture.

The piano was on the wall by the doors to outside which was fine, but...   

 the "family" desk was on the wall with the shelves which made the space seem too busy.

Ellen was using this tiny desk. 

So, we moved the piano to the shelf wall.  A quick sorting of the shelves to move all the baskets to the bottom helped it look less full.

We put the desk next to the window and sorted through all the papers and files on top and inside to leave the workspace clear.

Ellen found this desk and had Kristin paint it up for her and we used it to replace the tiny desk.

Next we made a list.  Ellen needed to get paint swatches, find a big plant,  purchase new curtains, consider wall art,  purchase a new garbage can, and find some fun accessories in a bold accent colour.  We also decided Kristin should paint up the desk chair in the accent colour. 

Another day I came by to look at swatches.  We chose a slightly bluish white for the walls.   For accent colour, Ellen was happy with orange.

A different day I popped in to look at the painted walls, see two curtain choices and discuss frame options.  I rearranged the shelves and added the orange accent pots.

The final touch had to wait until after Ellen's family vacation.  She took some amazing shots in Florida and had them enlarged and framed.

And the final reveal...

The desk...with a new cute chair I found on Kijiji (upholstery by Kristin).

The piano and shelves (more upholstery by Kristin).

The new plant and curtains.

Ellen's new desk with her fantastic accent chair!

And did you note the Florida shots by Ellen?

See the orange chairs?  Gorgeous.


  1. The office.looks. amazing!

    Great job Shannon!!!! (and ellen and kristin!)

  2. Wow! Well done. That might even make me want to do some work. Or daydream I was back in Florida. :) I love the upholstery work and fabric, great job Kristin! Love all the colours, it's beautiful.

  3. I love my new office SO much. It's cheerful and fun and organized. It's honestly so much more motivating to work without all the clutter and messiness that was there before. THANK YOU SHANNON!! You're awesome!

  4. Gorgeous is right! Wow Shannon. For real I am going to get you to come over and figure out storage for my kids toys in the middle of my living room. Ack. But I think I will wait until summer is over and Emeth is somewhat older and not so crazy. Don't book up your fall too much. ;)